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Mission Statement

We will meet or beat any other service provider’s price – guaranteed while providing exceptional customer service and industry expertise.

Vision Statement

To be a nationally recognized leader in providing small business funding using the cash advance product as our vehicle. To build a seasoned portfolio of card processing merchants that is locked in to processing with us as a byproduct of the cash advance “profit leader” sale.

About us

With over 16 years combined experience in the payments processing industry, specializing in merchant account and credit card transaction solutions, Commerce Technologies Corporation (DBA E-Commerce Exchange). We offer merchants the ability to accept all forms of non-cash payment, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Secure Payment Gateways, Gift and Loyalty Cards, ACH (electronic checks), EBT, Check Guarantee, Web Hosting, Shopping Cards, integrated accounting and credit card processing, and small business financing via our business cash advance program. We have a coast-to-coast network of payment consultants to serve our customers. We offer the electronic commerce payment solutions that our customers need to succeed in the ever changing global marketplace.

Our payment solutions are designed to serve small, medium, and enterprise level companies with the goal of tailoring solutions specific to each individual merchant. We adhere to PCI Compliance standards and help our merchants become compliant and remain compliant. Our focus has always been to provide first class support and education to keep our merchants profitable and in compliance. As financial transactions continue to proliferate across the Internet, our payment solutions securely and conveniently link thousands of merchants and their customers to leading financial institutions and payment processing networks, making it as safe and easy to transact business on the Internet as it is in the physical world. With the explosive growth of web commerce, you can't afford not to take advantage of our quick & easy electronic commerce solutions. We place significant emphasis on the ongoing management of our relationship with our merchants. We stand behind our service. And as anyone knows, a company’s service is only as strong as the people behind it. One of the core founding principals of our company is to provide an un-paralleled level of education to the companies we support. It is the lack of knowledge and communication between payment providers and merchant that creates most problems. Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence.

Our specialization and experience in key merchant industries allows us to work one-on-one with our customers. It is this direct relationship that allows us to thoroughly understand our customer's needs and implement payment solutions that work. We can typically establish a new merchant account within 1 to 3 business days. We also offer ground-breaking pre-approval program for small merchants and an overall application approval rate of more than 99% compared to 60% to 70% for the banks.

Since 1999, we have grown from a small family business to having hundreds of partners in offices nationwide. This rapid growth has been fueled by our expertise in providing quick and easy setup of merchant accounts for traditionally hard-to-place businesses, such as home-based or new merchants, business owners with credit problems, high risk businesses, and others which are considered non-conventional by banks and other credit card processors.

Throughout our history we’ve provided innovative and cutting edge solutions to our merchants, helping reduce processing costs, streamline operations, and increase sales by providing a broad spectrum of products and services. We are a paperless office, using our virtual technology both on our front and back end providing our sales agents, and employees the best in operational tools, efficiency, and information access. Our integrated systems allow our knowledgeable staff to provide our merchants and prospective merchants with excellent customer support and consistent follow up with speed and accuracy. These are just a few of the benefits our merchants have experienced working with Commerce Technologies.

Commerce Technologies Corporation is incorporated in California and operates under DBA E-Commerce Exchange, managed and operated by Jay Scott, the President, Founder and Business Development Manager of the company.

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Commerce Technologies Corporation
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