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QuickBooks POS Software Comparison

Features QuickBooks POS Basic QuickBooks POS Pro QuickBooks POS Multi- Store
Transfer sales data, and sync customer data and accounts receivable with QuickBooks Desktop 1 check2 check2 check2
Process credit cards right in your software with QuickBooks Point of Sale Payments 2 check2 check2 check2
Track inventory as you sell and receive items check2 check2 check2
Customize reporting for sales, inventory, customer purchase behaviors, and more check2 check2 check2
New Ring up sales with Microsoft Surface® Pro4 (V18) 3 check2 check2 check2
Sort in key workflows, like ring a sale, received items, returned items check2 check2 check2
Import customer files, vendor information, and create customer letters with Microsoft Excel and Word 4 check2 check2 check2
Create and manage employee access check2 check2 check2
Manage discounts, returns, store credit and gift receipts check2 check2 check2
Track petty cash payouts check2 check2 check2
Includes practice file for modeling without affecting your own business data check2 check2 check2
Track work and sales orders check2 check2
Include pictures of inventory items check2 check2
Track multiple vendors, UPC codes and serial numbers check2 check2
Track employee hours and sales commissions check2 check2
Generate purchase orders automatically at pre-set inventory levels check2 check2
Update prices and create discounts across products and departments check2 check2
Track layaways check2 check2
Capture “ship-to” addresses for creating mailing lists and labels check2 check2
Ship and track packages using Shipping Manager 5 check2 check2
Set up a Rewards Program to increase sales and customer loyalty check2 check2
Send time cards to QuickBooks for payroll processing6 check2 check2
Analyze sales and inventory data by store location check2
Access sales and inventory reports for each store location and roll them up to the “Company” level check2
Consolidate multi-store data into one file check2
Track inventory transfers between stores check2
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